Photos from Bantry Bay


Photographs by Rob Monaghan, Dolf d’Hondt, Brian O’Rourke, and Tomás O’Sullivan

The Research

Marine Ecological Succession in Bantry Bay


Juan Lugilde Yáñez

Paper listing the predicted ecological succession of marine life in Bantry Bay, with its beginning on bare concrete with crevices

Artificial Reefs: What works and what doesn’t



EPA Report 155    Public Engagement in Integrated Catchment Management:  Streamscapes Recommendations

Mark Boyden

created the ‘Streamscapes‘ community engagement project, see and has left installations scattered around the globe.

Artificial Reefs Feasibility Study 2001

Coastal Resources Centre
National University of Ireland Cork

Edward O’Leary M.Sc. H.Dip.
Tom Hubbard B.Sc.
David O’Leary M.Sc. H. Dip.

Open Access Article

Recent underwater sculpture  research published in a scientific journal


Engineering, Ecological and Social Monitoring of the Largest Underwater Sculpture in the World at John Brewer Reef, Australia 


United Nations Environment Programme 

– guidelines to ensure that development of artificial reefs is carried out in harmony with the basic principles of ecosystem approach to the management of marine environment.

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